Rugged Edge Computer Systems

29 Apr

The rugged edge PC System is an ideal choice for any company looking to build a rugged, versatile, efficient, and affordable business computer system for their needs. Built on the cutting edge of technology, it features industry-standard components and a full range of flexible solutions to meet the most demanding needs of today's business applications. The rugged, yet compact, design of the IGN200 Rugged Edge Computer System fits into the smallest of spaces and is an excellent choice for any type of rugged computing environment. Ideal for use in mobile or wireless worlds, this rugged, versatile computer system offers a powerful work platform for today's modern business environment. 

Rugged computing environments include military and emergency response, disaster recovery, aerospace and transportation, commercial and consumer markets, and many more specific applications and work settings. The Rugged Edge computer systems provide versatility in a highly dependable and cost-effective product that meets the most demanding demands. With a lightweight design, optimal cooling for maximum reliability, easy installation and expansion, as well as industry-standard processors and memory configurations, the Rugged Edge offers the most dependable computing experience for these diverse work settings. The Rugged Edge's compact size enables it to be installed and expanded on a routine basis without requiring large workspace or extensive floor space. It also has the most innovative and energy-saving design, as well as the highest reliability rating, in its class. 

One of the primary features of the Rugged Edge computers is their power management. The high quality motherboards provided by the computers offer complete system isolation and maximize power distribution. These systems are completely silent under normal operation and incorporate stringent temperature ranges and stringent security standards to ensure that no one else can interfere with network operations. They are very stable and can meet the most demanding conditions. The Rugged Edge computer motherboards also offer an intuitive user interface, easy installation, enhanced compatibility and extended warranties. The Rugged Edge has been designed to meet the power needs of ruggedized work environments and professional computer users, in a cost effective and reliable manner.

In addition to the ruggedness of the Rugged Edge computer systems, they are also built to maximize performance, all while employing advanced technology and innovative cooling solutions. The internal components are built to operate at the highest level of thermal efficiency, to offer a very quiet and efficient computing experience. There are two built-in fans on each processor socket for maximum cooling, along with built-in temperature sensing electronic controls to monitor and optimize computer temperature. This ensures that the computer components are operating at their optimal levels, with maximum performance. Some Rugged Edge computers also have built-in dust filters for optimal performance and residual cleanliness. Click here to Learn more about rugged edge computing.

To protect the internal components of the Rugged Edge computer system, it was designed to employ advanced heat dissipation designs. The Heat Spread Coating (HSC) on the motherboard and the under-cluster area of the processor is one of the design features that helps to utilize thermal energy efficiently, while keeping noise levels to a minimum. The two Integrated Heat Shaders (IHSS) help to further reduce internal temperatures, while eliminating excessive fan noise. Also part of the rugged edge computer motherboards' high-performance efforts is the presence of the High Efficiency Transfer Mode (HTT) on the embedded AGP processors. This transfer mode allows fast data transfers between the onboard PCi's (ATX} and the external PCi's (PCI Express) within the same system. With such set up, a high level of processor activity can be enabled that is ideal for intensive multi-tasking applications.
The rugged edge computer systems from Dell have been designed to support a wide variety of integrated and high-performance peripheral devices such as digital imaging boards, hard drives, scanners, printers, video capture devices and audio devices. The bundled Dell iMperia S Pen also makes it possible for easy access to important office software like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Moreover, several customizable software features, including XSitePro that allows the quick installation of Bluetooth enabled devices, are also available. The Dell Narrator Pro is an ideal multimedia tool that is perfect for narrating stories and narrating videos. It is also bundled with Dell QuickBooks, which helps to track expenses and transactions in business processes, irrespective of the operating systems and platforms.
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